2000 was the future
when I was a kid.

2000 is a thread count
for my mum.

2000 has a Wikipedia entry.

In 2000 I moved to London.

Gisbourne, New Zealand was the first city to welcome the year 2000.

Kubrick didn’t live to the year 2000.

In the year 2000 the world was supposed to end.

Enigma 2000 has nothing to do
with the above prediction.

United Religions target
date was 2000.

2000 was official year of
culture and peace.

2000 was a leap year.

In 2000 Barbie represented educational excellence and new opportunities for girls.

Sydney hosted the Olympics
in the year 2000.

In 2000 Ken Livingstone becomes the first mayor of London.

Al Gore loses the presidential election in 2000.

I will never live to celebrate my 2000th birthday.

Oksana Valentelis