Black Car

For a while I spent a few hours waiting for the black car like a child looking for his separated parent out the window on the Saturday morning of their time with them.

I muddied about a bit and tried best as I could to not let the thoughts of the black car interfere with my day and was absolutely unsuccessful.

Instead, I meandered and remembered my first lies and why.

I believe I was 6 and I stole a pen with a clock in it, which at that time was as shiny as the shiniest of things and I wanted it and she had it so I took it and when asked I denied it and then hid it badly. It fell off the top of the Hacker record player on which was also Madness.

I gave it back and for a WEEK was not very popular really.

I thought about the times I have waited at the window for a parent, partner, delivery driver, post person, friend and enemy, but never before a black car and yet here it was drawing noise from the gravel on the drive leading to the place where I imagined it to be for so long.

I walked from the window hurriedly and pretended I hadn’t seen it coming before it could see.

Alex Pilkington