MC = main colour
CC = contrast colour
STS = stitches
K = knit
P = purl

With 4mm needles and DK yarn, cast on MC 24 STS.

Row 1:
MCK all STS.

Row 2:
MCP all STS.

Row 3:
MCK4, CCK1, MCK2, CCK1 repeat.

Row 4:
CCP2, MCP6, repeat.

Row 5:
MCK5, *CCK2, MCK6* repeat from * to * until last 3 STS, CCK2, MCK1.

Row 6:
CCP6, MCP2 repeat.

Row 7:
MCK1,CCK2, MCK1, CCK4 repeat.

Row 8:
CCP5, *MCP2, CCP6* from *to* until last 4 STS, MCP2, CCP1.

Row 9:
CCK1, *MCK2, CCK6* repeat from *to* until last 7 STS, MCK2, CCK5.

Row 10:
MCP2, CCP2, MMP6* repeat from *to* until last 6 STS, CCP2, MCP4.

Repeat rows 3 to 10, 4 more times.

MCK all STS.
MCP all STS.

Cast off. Block and dry.

Sara Noble