Make A Change

For years and years
We’ve ignored
The shouts in our ears
That they roared

For years and years
We’ve ignored
The streaming tears
From the horde

We ignored
The screaming shouts
All on record
With no doubt
“I can’t breathe”

11 times did he wheeze
“I can’t breathe”
That made us freeze

Say their names!
Say them loud!
These are our aims!
They are proud!

Proud to be Black!
Proud to be them!
When the police attack
We won’t condemn!

Shout their names!
Shout them loud!
Shout them out for all around!

We will not back down!
March through the town!

Shout their names!
Eric Garner!
George Floyd!
Jamar Clark!
Philando Castile!
Ezell Ford!
Breonna Taylor!

Shout them louder than ever before
Because right now
We need to do it more
Than ever before

Delilah Raeken