Simple Things

The glow fades slowly, shrinking..
as the summer solar sphere dolefully droops under the horizon line,

An unfathomable mass of heat.

As the breeze tentatively sweeps through the tree, against which he rests his back, the leaves flutter playfully like string-less puppets.

Remarkable invisible master.

I place my head softly against his chest and feel the methodical pulse, a beat, repeat, repeat..

Fantastically functional inner machine.

Gazing emptily into the distance, I think, I thank, I speak… Only to say, it’s all about the simple things.

Francois Cote

Not a sad poem

Pity the Cyclops
he can’t sleep
with one eye open.

And what about the magical unicorn?
Being so majestic
makes it hard to horse around.

Pity the beautiful princess
whose intentions are cruel and vile.

And then there’s the poor old dragon
with his destructive breath
who only burns himself.

Joanne McLaughlin


I rarely win things,
apart from hearts,
of which I have way too many,
apart from my own one,
which got ripped out of my tiny chest a while ago,
which is why I have this hole in my rib cage.

Debora Domass

Wednesday at Midnight.

Another pub,
calls last orders.
Or does
the night last longer?
Get drunk alone again,
Those groaning men,
flock to your ex.
Looking for her online presence.
Less sense, senselessness.
Text message the next ex,
Half expect sex.
Get nothing,
give nothing,

Barry Everest.